Sunday, May 17, 2009

Preparing to Go Homeless

At this point in my life, I believe I am screwed. My Junior year of high school has been the worst school year of my life, so my chances of getting into the college I’d like to or getting a scholarship(s) is limited. I have a 28 on my ACT, but without the grades to support, just how reliable is that? The economic crisis in this country has hindered my chance of finding “easy work.” That is, janitorial services (which I really love to do), supply carrier, cashier, etc. I’m not saying I can’t get these jobs, but it’s harder than ever. I accept that.

For seventeen years, I’ve mostly wasted my time being lazy, selfish, and dumb. (I’m typing this entry when I should be writing an essay for World Religions class.) I’m not sure if, given my circumstances, I can ever become a filmmaker, let alone get a job in the industry. But I guess I shouldn’t be too down: there are many, many, many kids worse than I, so I should be grateful for what I have.

Anyway, after a year of college (which may be all I can realistically achieve), I intended to make a pilgrimage to California, where, miraculously, I hope to get a job at Pixar Animation Studios, or Nickelodeon Studios. The latter is further from me. I plan to take nothing but toiletries, a sketch book, a notebook, and an extra change of clothes. I don’t know about food. I’ll have to beg, or even go through the trash for something good. Maybe someone will let me work for my meals. That would be great. I wonder what would happen if I became homeless in a suit, like Mel Brooks in Life Stinks. I probably wouldn’t be taken anymore seriously than he was. It’s worth a try though.

In preparation, I need to develop whatever skills I can for so I’m not entirely screwed. My drawing and writing would probably help more than I think. It’s a long shot, but maybe if I learn to draw well enough, I can actually sell something. I definitely want to learn how to play jazz piano. Of course, the chances of me finding a place to play the piano, let along for tips, are limited, to put it cheerfully. The Bay Area is probably fruitful with opportunities, but then again, I’ll have competition.

I don’t know. I probably won’t even make this pilgrimage, or even make it homelessly. I’ll look into more and come to a decision.

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