Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Irony, or: Love, Sex, and Frank Zappa

How's this for irony:

I've finally finished reading a wonderful article on the psychology of love and sex, and near the end of the article is the following passage and warning:

I’ll be honest here and say that this view is not at all popular in the U.S., and especially not in San Francisco.


Some material on this website may be banned in California schools.For the approved California version,click here.

And what have I been listening to for the past half-hour for the first time in my life? Frank Zappa's We're Only in It for the Money, probably the biggest musical slam on 1960s hippies (especially those in San Francisco) culture ever produced. Surely Zappa had the same views on love and sex as the author of the article did, since it goes as far as to denounce classical romance in it's first few paragraphs.
Now, to be fair, I haven't actually read the California version of the article, but when something's titled "easy way," that's almost always a fair warning for bullshit.
Thanks again, Frank Zappa, for steering us the right way. And with excellent music to boot.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quote for the Day

"How do you want to die? Driving your car, getting hit by a truck, or fulfilling your dream, doing what you love like a man?" - The Human Bird, 2010