Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Hugged McG, or: How I Let My Guard Down and Loved "Terminator: Salvation"

And so I was taken to the advanced screening of Terminator: Salvation with my friends from school.

McG, the director, was there. Being a Kamalazoo, Michigan native, he came to the Novi Emagine Theater to introduce the film before us all. Once he was finished, the film began.

Man, what a rush!

Terminator: Salvation exceeded my expectations to become a very decent action film. Many of the most complex shots were CGI-assisted long takes that worked fantastically. Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, and just about all of the actors pulled their roles off with great skill. Sam Worthington’s character, half-human and half-Terminator, and his emotional arc was highly effective: his realization of his dual nature was one of the best parts of the film. A lot of the action scenes were very creative, much more than the norm.

(SPOILER, I suppose)

I don’t think it’s any surprise anymore that Arnold Swartzneggar makes an appearance of sorts as the original Terminator to finish off John Connor. Nice to see him again.


I was impressed. When we exited the screening room, McG was out to talk to, take pictures with, sign autographs for, etc., the fans around him. Bobby, one of my friends, got his signature on his ticket stub. Tom gave McG his address to get a signed poster that had Jonathan Nolan’s name on the writing credit (Nolan was responsible for much of the great John Connor material). I gave him a hug.

Nothing special. Just one human showing his appreciate to another human in the most knowing, inoffensive manner possible. (I wish I’d taken a picture and had some proof, though.)

So I was glad to have seen Terminator: Salvation. But there’s only one film I’m going to cherish more than any other this year for the rest of my life: Up. Two more weeks for Pixar’s tenth film. First day attendance. Can’t wait!*

Sorry this post is a little lazy. I am terribly drowsy tonight.

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