Monday, August 10, 2009

I Have to Habit

The past seventeen years of my life, as in anyone else's life, are widely the result of the habits I developed over those years, and my failed attempts to change them. Whenever I start something, I'm compelled not to finish it because of my "psychological complacency," which all but convinces me that whatever new thing I was doing wasn't worth the trouble anyway. Bullshit, I say, but then I find myself in the same hole.

No more, I say. I must work hard, not just this last year of high school, but my whole life. I cannot expect the world to lay it out for me. I must lay it out for myself. And the first step to doing that is to change myself. And to change myself, I must change my habits.

Every week, possibly every Sunday, I will post a list of habits I seek to establish. Note I mean to say to do things I should, rather than not things I shouldn't. I will try hard to refrain from losing bad habits. On the other hand, I will try hard to cultivate new, good habits that will simply do away with the bad. One habit I need to develop is to stay positive, and that shall be my start.

According to some studies, a habit can be broken in three weeks with much will power. In subsequent entries, I should be able to reflect on how well those experiments go, and why they seem to fail. This self-aware should bring me closer to realizing the problem so I can better confront it. A brief reflection everyday, and a whole one every Sunday, should keep me in check.

It is no longer Sunday, but I shall start today with my list anyway for this new week:

1. Read summer reading book everyday
2. Stop messing with hair/biting nails
3. Add a new entry to blog everyday (like I promised when I started)
4. Stay positive
5. Be compassionate

Here is my start. Now the real work begins.

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