Friday, October 30, 2009

Starting to Learn Animation

My school finally got the Toon Boom Studios program, so I now I can seriously start working on animating. I remember asking the technology head to order the program for the Art Department, and thank God he remembered to order. I can't wait to use the program so I can get a head start before college.

Obviously, like any skill, it won't come easily. The technology skills will gradually arise, but more importantly, my personality needs to improve. I need to be more observant and extroverted so I can experience life more fully. When I do this, I'll be more well-rounded and can actually contribute my own output to humanity. A problem I have now is that I can sit down to draw, but more often than not, my mind will be blank. I'll have nothing to say. That's a problem I need to fix.

According to Hayao Miyazaki and artist Moebius (as he calls himself) believe that world perception and technique are interconnected. My perception must be very weak, for I can only draw lone human figures, and not very well. I need to branch out into other areas...

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